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Success protocol

*stop complaining, it won’t change nor save situation. *keep growing, there is a height you need to attain. *keep preparing, there is a  golden  opportunity waiting for you out there, in order for you not to miss it. *keep pushing and grinding, regardless of the  obstacles you encounter, they are meant to refine, and bringContinue reading “Success protocol”

Tears of struggling

Sometimes our thoughts causes tears to well in our eyes, not because we are weak or lazy, but because we have been too strong for so long, struggling to make things  better, for ourselves and our loved ones, yet it seems we are pouring water on rock. Food for thought;   nothing great comes easily. GoodContinue reading “Tears of struggling”

A glorious memory.

I wandered lonely like a breeze up the mountain and down the valley in a solitary boulevard, when at all once the memories we shared in the day of yesterday emerged like a stormy gay from the ocean leaving me with nothing but a bliss of an unending gay, Like the Mr. William woods worth’sContinue reading “A glorious memory.”