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A city beyond the blue

Gently gently I froze, as I felt the touch of a gentle cozy wind blow into my abode through the window. What a strange scene I was. I felt so numb and could not move an inch from my dare state. Struggling to gasp there was no breath left in me. Suddenly I felt something, so soft and cool soaring from my body in a gentle motion, projecting up to the sky somewhere in the blue. This is a transition I said, what a strange but interesting moment.

There I go in the sky like an eagle in a stormy gay. Looking down to the earth below the cloud, i behold my body hibernated like a frozen object. This is a transition I said, what a strange but interesting moment

Up up I go, right before me was a beautiful glowing gate effusing light like an electric bulb made of silver and the building of the wall a jasper. The city is so beautiful wholly built with pure gold like a clear glass , and the foundation of the wall of the city is made of many kind of precious stone such like I have never seen before. This is a transition I said, what a strange but interesting moment.

Taking a step into the city, i saw Joy and peace flowing like a river and love dropping incessantly like a dew. All Creation was in perfect harmony, goat and lion eating straw together, symbiotic relationship coexist between all creatures. Predation was totally absent. This is a transition I said, what a strange, but interesting moment.

There i stood by the sea shore, east of the coast of the city, feeding my eyes with the scene of schools of wales, and gardens of beautiful Flowers and grazing flocks, all at a glance. And I heard a still small voice in a form of a gentle breeze saying; the city is cozy comprising of beautiful and memorable scenes, it neither shine nor rain here , all creature thrives and blossom in accordance to the glory of the city. Only the pure in heart can access this city. I turned to see who the person was but found no one. This is a transition I said, what a strange but interesting moment.

In a twinkle of an eye I regain my sense, and was reanimated. Wow!! I screamed what a strange but interesting moment. Life is sweet and beautiful in the city beyond the blue, where peace and joy deed flows like a river, and love dropping like a dew from the sky.



Published by Etoh Christopher

A writer and a poet, above all nature lover.

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