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Success protocol

*stop complaining, it won’t change nor save situation.

*keep growing, there is a height you need to attain.

*keep preparing, there is a  golden  opportunity waiting for you out there, in order for you not to miss it.

*keep pushing and grinding, regardless of the  obstacles you encounter, they are meant to refine, and bring out the best in you.

*Always note you are appointed for a season.

*take your eyes off the  success of people.

*congratulate those ahead of you

*do not fret at peoples success and achievement.
yours is coming.  life is turn by turn

*pay deaf ear to negative view of people about you,( I mean critics), dirty water does not stop plants from growing, don’t allow negative words to stop you from achieving your goals, you are on assignment. don’t throw stones at barking dogs on your way to success they  will distract you.

* be focus, be determine, what your mind can conceive your can achieve.


Keep grinding, be focus, avoid distraction.

Published by Etoh Christopher

A writer and a poet, above all nature lover.

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